Italia's calling


Path: Builder
Class: Maker

Boatmen around Metropolia tell of a strange light emanating from the city’s murky sewers. Out of the depths first comes a tawny-yellow glow, followed shortly by the bone-chilling silhouette of a skeletal horse. The eerie spectral beast, named Escaballo, swims by way of its powerful tail, has a translucent dorsal fin, and is guided through the dark sewers by a bioluminescent lantern that dangles from a long protrusion out of its forehead. Algae and stringy sea grasses cling to the barbs and spikes that cover its body, draping behind it like wisps of threadbare garments. 

Escaballo once roamed the ocean, but never felt at home. It was the darkness beneath Metropolia, the area’s unnavigable underground canals and innumerable sinkholes, that called to the Builder. Where others saw a death-trap, the beast saw potential. 

Which is why during Metropolia’s early days, when every day the city welcomed dozens of new builders, Escaballo found itself uniquely suited to make something more of these horrifying waters. 

Blessed with the gift of Auric Control and the second awakened ability of Insight, Escaballo could see in its mind’s eye every alcove of the watery labyrinth. Then, with this image in mind, it could share its vision with its fellows. Before long, thanks to Escaballo, what was once avoided like the plague became one of the cities most important innovations