Lindsay's calling


Path: Explorer
Class: Climber 

On its bear-like haunches, Majesty stands a dozen feet tall. It has blindingly white fur; amethyst paw pads, nails, and eyes; a gem-toned nose that colorshifts by its mood, and a great fleecy tail. None would disagree that the beast is fearfully and woefully made. And aptly named. 

Friends of Majesty know that the white Calling only poses itself in menacing postures, and that the Calling maintains an illusion of fearsome bulk out of amusement. Climbers who encounter Majesty in its element: on the snowy slopes of the Boundary Mountains, in the muddy springtime foothills, in the surrounding conifer forests, see the beast’s disarmingly eccentric nature. 

While standing still, Majesty could be mistaken for a patch of glacial ice. But when it moves, the beast jangles. Its unique tintinnabulation is a consequence of it stuffing its marsupial pouch with an endless amount of treasures; collectibles the beast has an uncanny knack for sniffing out in the wilderness. This is how climbers of the Bastunian mountains have come to revere Majesty as a good omen. And because it seems all valuables lost in Majesty’s domain eventually end up in the shaggy trader’s pouch, any climber in need who encounters the beast can often have it fulfilled. Albeit, the items that come out of the pouch are often far from mint-condition - caked in mud from the dopey Callings latest romp, or just tangled up inseparably. 

The Calling's powerful sense of smell comes in useful for treasure hunts, rescue attempts, and when searching out foodstuffs - all of which make the beast a valuable climbing companion. Majesty takes this impeccable sense to the next level through Auric Transmission, which permits other members of the beast’s party to partake in the potentially life-saving skill of sophisticated sniffing.