John's calling


Path: Builder
Class: Breaker

In the far north of Bastunia, interspersed throughout the ancient growth forest, are dozens of mines. Miners of gold, silver, ore, precious gems, and other mysterious elements are hard at work in quarries and in deep, snaking mineshafts. They must follow the deposits to dangerous depths, a feat that requires a very unique piece of machinery. 

Enter Maydee in a cloud of pummelled rock dust. 

The chromatic Calling is built like a four foot tall jack-hammer. It stretches six feet long from selkie tail, passed mammoth-like hindlimbs, to cheetah-esque forelimbs. At the top of its rippling core, two apish arms await as though poised to strike. With hands that can crush rocks, mold gold, tear silver, shape molten ores, and who knows - crush carbon into diamonds? - Maydee takes pride is being called a monster. With tusks, a horn, an elephantine trunk, and fierce black eyes, rumor has it that the earth itself acquiesces to the beast's glare. All this and more are the reasons Maydee is a miner's best friend. 

On numerous occasions, a sad, buried pickaxe-wielding soul certain they had gulped their last breath of fresh air, heard rumbling. Moments later, on the brink of death, it was not the hallowed pallbearer who burst through the wall with a sneer, but Maydee to the rescue.