josiah's calling


Path: Builder
Class: Supporter 

Sentrak resides in Nowaste Land, near the Coliseum, where he is renowned for providing Defenders with tournament-grade weaponry. Whether the melee, the joust, or single combat, Sentrak sees to it that each combatant has an arsenal of tools that become like extensions of themselves. 

As you can see from the rather cheerful look upon Sentrak's face and from the beasts tendency to gleefully click his taloned fingers together as he assesses his surroundings, the Calling is always hatching new ideas. That might be a design for a new weapon, a customized scrap of armor, an escape plan in the event of an Azighra attack, or something else that brings his quirky charm to the Coliseum. He takes his support of others to the next level by volunteering to be target practice for amateur Defenders, though with his quick thinking, his unparalleled playfulness and twisty adaptability, the young challengers have met their match.

Clever, wily, and crafty are three words that come to mind when describing the beast. Sentrak does have a knack for finding itself at the center of Nowaste Land drama, but always manages to squirrel out of trouble.