Rory's calling


Path: Explorer
Class: Mariner 

Callings don’t eat - so why can Trigarr often be found gulping things down without chewing? 

This fearsome beast, one part compass, one part pack-mule, uses consumption to add new shapes to its transformation library. Wings, limbs, fins, and even faces are in its arsenal. 

Its natural form is a large quadrupedal cat with a shark-like dorsal fin and heavily muscled tail. It has a slender face; saber teeth; and coarse, waterproof fur. 

For now. 

The beast has lived long enough to diversify its portfolio of forms. Be that it’s hitched to one of Bastunia’s most notorious pirates, a man and beast combo known for biting off way more than can be chewed, one should expect the unexpected. Trigarr is not just a master of disguise, but of battle, travel, and ingenuity. It uses whatever it has at its disposal to detect danger, assess the situation, adapt, and act. With street smarts and what it’s owner affectionately calls “eat smarts”, Trigarr is easily one of the most capable beasts in all of Bastunia - and, not to mention, has the most legendary hair balls.