In a narrow band of the cosmos between Lost and Found space; a forsaken region expunged from the far-reaching minds of the greatest arcs; an area unaffectionately nicknamed "the Unfound", a single, isolated planet caught the eye of an up-and-coming hybrid.  

Almost 300 years ago, the planet was terrascaped and seeded with a people. This was Discovery

Thanks to the loving guidance of this hybrid-god, those few short centuries saw a civilization rise out of nothingness. In a galactic eye-blink, barbarians became high-society. This was Order

But this hybrid, in his eagerness to make a name for himself, had ignored any and all warnings about the perilous Unfound. If the rumors were to be believed, it meant the planet's days were numbered. Try as he might to deny them, the evidence of his mistake abounded. So began the Crumble

Now it is year 293 and the hybrid-god has been missing for 16 years. Evidence of his sudden departure is inescapable. At first, it was like a crack crawling slowly across the foundation of a house. With nothing to seal the crack, all manner of creeping things were allowed inside. Left to their own devices, their barbarian history is being rapidly remembered.  This is the Fall. 


What are they?

Nobody quite knows. 

But they do know, quite intimately, how it feels when a Howler (pictured) drops out of the sky to smash into the earth. Many have seen these chaospawn rip up trees by the roots, stomp houses into rubble,  or leave behind craters that become small lakes. The unluckiest have found themselves removed of more than house and home, but of Calling. When your enemy can steal away a tenant of your soul, maybe you think twice about squaring off?