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The weekly beast

The weekly beast

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For all of history, Bastunians have been born with a spirit-companion - their Callings...

For all of history, Bastunians have been born with a spirit-companion - their Callings...

But now the god is missing.

For the past 16 years, nobody has recieved a calling and the world has been slipping into ruin. The fate of the world falls on the shoulders of Joan, a teenage No-Beast with a chip on her shoulder and something to prove. 



On its bear-like haunches, Majesty stands a dozen feet tall. It has blindingly white fur; amethyst paw pads, nails, and eyes; a gem-toned nose that colorshifts by its mood, and a great fleecy tail. None would disagree that the beast is fearfully and woefully made. And aptly named...

Featured Calling!

Name - MAJESTY / Path - Explorer / Class - CLIMBER

real results

Steve Started His Own Biz

"Ginny changed my life. My whole damn life. I simply wouldn't be where I am in my business if not for her."

"Mom, it's weird, I made it like my life accidentally."

"Cooper", an 8 year old with PDA (pathological demand avoidance), created this medic-Defender. The bass-beast's presence in Cooper's life gives him confidence to do schoolwork and other challenges. When Cooper is sad, or when someone nearby needs emotional support, the empathetic Calling opens its large mouth and they immediately feel better.

Because of Cooper's condition, he has struggled to connect with his father. One activity they have found to bond over is fishing.

- Cooper

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Our Mission

Nurture creativity in kids and delight the inner child within people of all ages

Some of us got lucky! We had someone who nurtured our creativity as kids. Not everyone does. 


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School & Classroom Visits



self + social awareness

The Unfound Adventures team will come in to creatively explore how every student brings something vital to a team. Through understanding Callings (the spiritual companions) within the Unfound Universe, and students creating their own, we help them think more deeply about their strengths and how they can use those in acts of service to their fellows. 


Classroom Calling collaboration

One option: Instead of making the workshop an exercise in individuality, this workshop focuses on creating a "classroom Calling" - a single beast that represents the collective identity. Students will still have a chance to offer their unique insights, but collaboration will be encouraged. In the end, the students will have a single Calling that can be shown off like a badge of honor.


imagination & Creativity exercise

In this alternative format, we will discuss the different types of Callings - almost like a "what do you want to be when you grow up" discussion - and have students thinking about what skills and interests they bring to the table. 

There will be opportunities to create, imagine, interact, and collaborate in fun ways with their classmates. 


storytelling workshop

Students will learn about creative frameworks, the beats of storytelling, how to publish their own books, and how to infuse their lives with creativity, imagination, and initiative.  

In this format, students will have a chance to learn how to write and publish their own stories, various creative frameworks, and lessons in social interaction in the collective setting, but then consider themselves and how they fit in the world in a more interactive environment. This multi-day, multi-setting approach is the best way for the Unfound team to match the lesson plans with the most conducive environments. 

School and Classroom Visits


family involvement

Every kid will go home with "Joan's Calling", the first book in the "Tales of Bastunia" series. We find that the more the lessons within school are unified with the discussions within the home, the more likely they are to stick. The way the comics are written - with one part comic and one part prose - make them perfect for adults to immerse themselves in the same stories that have captured their children. 

We love to see parents and kids exploring their places within the world of Bastunia - the central world in the Unfound Adventures comics. In this way, parents, teachers, and kids will get to share in each others' enthusiasm. 

One option: Instead of making the workshop an exercise in individuality, this workshop focuses on creating a "classroom Calling" - a single beast that represents the collective identity. Students will still have a chance to offer their unique insights, but collaboration will be encouraged. In the end, the students will have a single Calling that can be shown off like a badge of honor with the fellows.


Classroom Feature

Dillon went in to see Mrs. Davis' classroom in May before school let out. Naturally, the kids welcomed a change of pace. They were all very attentive! Thanks to the success of a recently Kickstarter, the Unfound Adventures team is able to sponsor 6 kids from the class to have their Callings professionally illustrated! 

Check some of them out above! 

Mrs. Davis' 3rd Grade
Port Huron, Michigan

How Does This Sound?

in a nutshell, what can you expect?


discuss self and social awareness in playful, interactive ways


share frameworks for creativity, teaching students how they can publish their own books


explore new ways for kids to bring creativity, imagination, ingenuity, and initiative into their lives


immerse students into the world of bastunia by making them a character and calling


shoutout the classroom in a comic book along with individual recognition for contributing kids

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How It Works


Sponsor a classroom inside the unfound store.


we will select from the waitlist which school your sponsorship will apply to. if local, we may be able to sponsor your child's classroom! 


The Unfound Adventures team will take it from here! 

comics & short stories

tools for social awareness

interactive universe

creative frameworks

- R.E. Vance

"My 8 year old is a Bastunian for life! After spending an hour talking to the team about his beast and character, my son is head over heels in love with this world. What's more, the team understood his needs, were patient with him and guided him in such an expert way that made him feel 100% invested in the process, making me a Bastunian, as well! Love this project, love the team... this is going to be huge one day and I'm so happy my son was able to be one of their first contributors!"


the god picked a planet beyond the edge of found space, and he named it bastunia

take a trip to bastunia!

An Unfound Adventure awaits...

Tales of Bastunia

Tales of Bastunia is a two-in-one comic book and written story.

For all of history, the god of Bastunia has bestowed upon the people a gift: a spiritual beast-companion that helps them on their life’s Path. In the span of a couple hundred years, they have turned from barbarians into high society. But when the god vanishes, leaving people to find their own way, their civilized world begins to fall apart.

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Books + Stories 

“I love the way these are written. So engaging! Can’t wait for the next one to come out!!”

— J. Fogle, father of 4

Book One:

"Joan's Calling"

Enter Joan, a clever but scorned No-Beast. Life is hard for No-Beasts, but worse for Joan, whose father is Bastunia’s greatest beastborn hero. The world has driven a wedge between them, leaving her to fend for herself in this falling world. The scholarly girl’s aggression is mounting. Her anger is threatening to consume her.

Just when it seems things cannot get any harder for Joan, she gets into a back-alley fight defending a friendless schoolmate. In the wake of the fight, her life is forever changed.

Book Two:

"The return"

Nothing will ever be the same for Joan Daniels. She wouldn't say she loved her old life, but she had gotten used to it. She had found a way to make being a No-Beast work. But now Joan has become the very thing she hates most: a Beastborn. To complicate matters further, this one is no ordinary Calling. This one comes with a history that threatens the safety of the entire world. As Joan struggles to wrap her mind around what has happened, her father takes the lead. Joan quickly begins to wonder if he has her best interests at heart…

Book Three:

"Training Grounds"

Being a beastborn is no joke. Not only has Joan’s mind been invaded by the infant-god, but every time her Calling gets hurt, she shares in the pain. Her father, Bastunia’s most heroic beastborn turned self-appointed mentor, is determined to forge Joan and Monkey’s connection into something special. But before progress can be made, Joan and James must make amends. Overcoming a lifetime of troubled history will not prove easy. So begins a battle of wills that puts Artie in a precarious position. Can they settle their differences before the boy becomes collateral damage? 

Immerse yourself into the world of Bastunia now!

Check out ALL the stories in this interactive comic universe. 

Tales of Bastunia

Books and Short Stories

book 1: "Joan's calling"

book 2: "the return"

short: "of mice and boys"

short: "we all build"

short: "on the road to nowaste land"

short: "enjoy every step"

book 3: "Training grounds"

Read the Shorts on BackerKit

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I design a Calling and have in within the Unfound Universe? 

Right here. Using this link you can enter the Design Lab and begin figuring out the best beast for you! 

How often do new books and stories come out? 

The team is working hard to put out 2 to 3 books per year. The next proiect will be a Book of Beasts where individuals like yourself can have your Calling featured. This campaign will be funded on Kickstarter! 

How can I best support the mission? 

Design a Calling for a loved one, buy them a book, tell your school about our in-person visits, or share the cause with others. 

The more we can involve people in the delightful act of creativity and imagination, the better. If you buy them a book, you are sending them into a world where they can choose their own Unfound Adventure. 

How many powers do Callings have? 

There are 9 powers. Each Calling, with exception to the extremely rare, have 1 of the 9 powers. 

What are Buntu's powers?

This is something you will have to wait and see. Naturally, hybrid gods like Buntu will have a capacity for all 9 power disciplines. But there are other mysteries in the cosmos we don't know about - ancient languages, divine power structures, and more. 




Short stories and books in the Unfound Adventures universe


Callings created for new Bastunians


Copies sold of "Tales of Bastunia" books


Raised for our Mission to nurture creativity to date

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That's what we are here for. The Unfound Adventures team is, if not fully rested from caring for newborn babies, fully caffeinated and ready to guide you toward what is best for you, your family, your students, or whoever you adventure with!