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Tales of Bastunia

Tales of Bastunia is a two-in-one comic book and written story.

For all of history, the god of Bastunia has bestowed upon the people a gift: a spiritual beast-companion that helps them on their life’s Path. In the span of a couple hundred years, they have turned from barbarians into high society. But when the god vanishes, leaving people to find their own way, their civilized world begins to fall apart.

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Books + Stories 

“I love the way these are written. So engaging! Can’t wait for the next one to come out!!”

— J. Fogle, father of 4

Book One:

"Joan's Calling"

Enter Joan, a clever but scorned No-Beast. Life is hard for No-Beasts, but worse for Joan, whose father is Bastunia’s greatest beastborn hero. The world has driven a wedge between them, leaving her to fend for herself in this falling world. The scholarly girl’s aggression is mounting. Her anger is threatening to consume her.

Just when it seems things cannot get any harder for Joan, she gets into a back-alley fight defending a friendless schoolmate. In the wake of the fight, her life is forever changed.

Book Two:

"The return"

Nothing will ever be the same for Joan Daniels. She wouldn't say she loved her old life, but she had gotten used to it. She had found a way to make being a No-Beast work. But now Joan has become the very thing she hates most: a Beastborn. To complicate matters further, this one is no ordinary Calling. This one comes with a history that threatens the safety of the entire world. As Joan struggles to wrap her mind around what has happened, her father takes the lead. Joan quickly begins to wonder if he has her best interests at heart…

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Tales of Bastunia

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I design a Calling and have in within the Unfound Universe? 

Right here. Using this link you can enter the Design Lab and begin figuring out the best beast for you! 

How often do new books and stories come out? 

The team is working hard to put out 2 to 3 books per year. The next proiect will be a Book of Beasts where individuals like yourself can have your Calling featured. This campaign will be funded on Kickstarter! 

How can I best support the mission? 

Design a Calling for a loved one, buy them a book, tell your school about our in-person visits, or share the cause with others. 

The more we can involve people in the delightful act of creativity and imagination, the better. If you buy them a book, you are sending them into a world where they can choose their own Unfound Adventure. 

How many powers do Callings have? 

There are 9 powers. Each Calling, with exception to the extremely rare, have 1 of the 9 powers. 

What are Buntu's powers?

This is something you will have to wait and see. Naturally, hybrid gods like Buntu will have a capacity for all 9 power disciplines. But there are other mysteries in the cosmos we don't know about - ancient languages, divine power structures, and more. 



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